A 'Life-Size' Godzilla Theme Park Attraction Is Opening Next Year

Attention theme park lovers! You are in luck if you love Godzilla! A Japanese theme park is set to unveil a brand new attraction that will feature a “life-size” replica of the terrifying fictional movie monster, according to CNN . Next summer, the Nijigen no Mori (Awaji Island Anime Park) theme...
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Watch Millie Bobby Brown Take On Jimmy Fallon in a Beat Battle!

Millie Bobby Brown 'Brought It' to the Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon last night. Taking him on in a 'Beat Battle' Check out MBB's mad lyric Beat Skills ... Video of Beat Battle with Millie Bobby Brown MBB is making the rounds for her new movie coming out May 31st ... Godzilla: King of the Monsters...
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I must find these new toy figures

I'm sure you're familiar with the Godzilla movies. Big monsters wreck cities and fight each other. Video of Mothra vs. Godzilla (1980 Reissue) - Opening Sequence Well now there's a new toy in Japan that is equal parts awesome and hilarious. I must have this! There are toys of Japanese monsters...
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