Majority of Americans Don’t Plan to Renew Their Gym Memberships: Survey

According to CNBC, a survey shows that the majority of Americans don’t plan to renew their gym memberships once quarantine is over. See the details.
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Can you imagine discovering THIS at your gym?

Working out can be an intense experience. You want to push your body to the limit, you know? Well apparently someone took that to the next level at this gym... I do not want to go to this gym anymore — Jock -- Lawn Duty (@GucciFeline) May 7, 2019
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Girl invents brilliant new home gym

Wanna get healthy? Sounds good, right? But sometimes, that gym membership isn't in the budget. Props to this girl, who found a way around that... I cant afford a gym membership so -- — Dej301 -- (@_dlew32) April 29, 2019
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