H-E-B now has a Support Line for Senior Customers

H-E-B now has a Senior Support Line to help customers get the essential foods & supplies needed during the COVID-19 outbreak. #stayconnected
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H-E-B has purchasing limits on food & non-food items

H-E-B has a limit on purchasing food & non-food items now. The list..
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HEB cart in parking lot

H-E-B needs your help when shopping during COVID-19 time.

H-E-B is asking customers for their help when shopping. Thingies to do...
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vintage Oscar Mayer Weenie Whistle

It's Back! Look out for the Wienermobile in ATX this Weekend!

Heather got the heads up about the Weinermobile coming back to ATX. Familes invited to join in the Oscay Mayer Weiner fun this weekend in ATX!
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The Feast of Sharing Thanksgiving Tradition continues in ATX / Texas

If an empty cart represented empty tummies for Thanksgiving in the ATX area, this is how many that will be filled.
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A Texas Favorite is the #1 Best Major Retailer to Work for in 2019

A recent list of the Top 25 Best Retailers to work for in 2019 came out. There are Texas Favs representin'. In fact a Texas favorite made it to #1! honey Ted & I shop at our H-E-B on Brodie Lane & William Cannon at least once a week. This weekend it was twice. They have some of the nicest...
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Help People Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has been declared an unprecedented, disastrous flooding event, the impact of which is unknown and beyond anything experienced. Tens of thousands of Texans have been forced from their homes. Businesses are unable to operate to provide food, water, fuel or other necessities for...
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