Big ole Reeses Pumpkin Cookie

It's a Halloween Big-ole OMYG!

Big 'ole Halloween cookie hack with Reese's Pumpkins. Yummy Halloween treat.
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Canned biscuits in Heather's fridge

10 thingies you can make with canned biscuits

Heather's sharing Nicole's 10 canned biscuit hacks. Make it a canned dough Fall Y'all!
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Pizza crust hack shot

Celebrate Pizza Party Day with this Easy Pizza Crust Hack

It's Pizza Party Day! Celebrate with this easy pizza crust hack. Add whatever toppings you like. Bam! Easy ... they way you want it pizza!
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Woman's 'Genius' Peanut Butter Hack Allows Her to Painlessly Cut Dog's Nails

Anyone who has ever tried to cut a dog’s nails knows that it is an impossible feat. One woman came up with a ‘genius’ hack involving peanut butter on her forehead that easily got the job done. Check it out.
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