Meghan Markle Debuts Unique Hairstyle in New Video

When Markle Markle was a Royal, her fashion and hairstyles were often publicized in the tabloids. The former Duchess of Sussex debuted a low side-ponytail hairstyle in a new video.
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Mother With Cancer Surprised With Wig Made From Her Friends’ Hair

Like most people across the country, Dana McSwain was working full-time and taking care of her two young daughters during the coronavirus pandemic. The mother with cancer was surprised with a wig that was made of her friends’ hair.
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Demi Moore Flaunts New Blonde Locks for 'Brave New World'

Demi Moore wowed fans on Instagram Thursday with a shot of her new blonde hair. The image immediately garnered attention from fans and celebrities alike.
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Holographic Hair

Step Up the Rainbow to Holographic Hair!

Forget the Rainbow Hair .. get Magical with Holographic Hair!
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Coloring Hair

My Little Pony Hair Color Trend is Blowing Up on Social Media!

Newest hair trend is inspired by an '80s Fav Toy . .. My Little Pony. Could you pull this off?
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Christmas Tree Hat

Christmas Tree Hair is Popping Up Everywhere! See it Rockin' here in Central Texas!

Since 2016 Christmas Tree Hair has been trending bigger & bigger each year. It's a Holiday Hair trend that could become a tradition in the coming years...
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P!nk's Daughter Willow is Rockin' the Hair like Mama

Pink 's daughter Willow is Rockin' the hair just like like Mama!
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What happened to Heather's Hair?

Got my Summer Do on, and it's gone ... 5 inches of hair! Shortest I've ever had it. Figured it would work for the CentralTexas Summer Heat! Summer Cut 2019 Happy Summer of 2019! Stay Cool ATX!
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Trending: Hidden Messages in Colorful Hair

There's a hair technique coming out of Spain that hides a message in the Awesome multi - colored pixels in the hair. It's so cool. Check it out. See if you know what 'The Hair' is saying ...
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Braids are on Trend for 2019, but not just on your head.

Braids are popping up again for a trend of 2019. This video is making the rounds again from last summer. Created as art, and now it's getting social media attention for the next Fashion Fun Thingie for 2019. No worries, if you don't have long enough hair for the braids, you can always get...
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