Get $1300 for Watching 13 Steven King Movies by Halloween

Watch 13 Stephen King movies by Halloween and get $1300. Details...
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Scary Cool decorations that put the BOO in HALLOWEEN

I know it's still August ... Summer... triple degree heat... I usually don't pay much attention to Halloween decorations, which I'm a fan, until after Labor Day. BUT ... I ran across these decorations that are really COOL. You can keep cool thinking about a chill in the air, while browsing to Get...
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Jamie Lee Curtis

'Halloween' Becomes The Top Slasher Film Of All Time

Michael Myers has made more money than both Freddy and Jason
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Jimmy Kimmel appears during 68th Emmy Awards

Watch Kids Get Told Their Parents Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Jimmy Kimmel is back with his annual Halloween prank.
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Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Goes Green, And All The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

From "The Swamp" to Wakanda and everywhere in-between
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A Sweet Solution for Leftover Halloween Candy

Coming down from the Halloween Sugar High ! You realize the mother-moad of candy the kiddos got (you got), that there's no way you will eat it all. No worries. Don't throw the candy away. Recycling is a Sweet Solution for leftover candy. It's a 1THING you can share w/ others, and keep Mama Earth...
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Ellen Generes and Halloween

Get Ellen’s Last-Minute Kids’ Costume Ideas, from Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B to 'A Star Is Born'

Ellen DeGeneres is always saving the day. She’s thinking outside of the box with creative and very trendy kids’ costumes this year.
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Beyoncé Becomes Toni Braxton For Halloween, And We're Here For It

Tough to "Breathe Again" after seeing her tribute
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Panther & friends Invite You to their Halloween Party

Happy Halloween! Panther, Butters & their furbaby friends are having a Big Halloween Spooktacular Party today at the Austin Humane Society . Come dressed up, and get a Great Sweet Treat for a furbaby. They are ready to enjoy lots of Treats in their new Furever Home. #SpreadtheWord #...
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There's a petition going around to move Halloween.

Happy Halloween! Would you want to see it move next year? Rather than being October 31st.. Halloween could fall on the last Saturday of October. I understand both sides of this. Why do people want to change things all the time? The other side, if Halloween moved, then many families could be less...
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