Junk Food

Ice Cream Day Deals & Yummy Fun!

I can't remember the 1st time I tried Ice Cream , but I have seen photos when I celebrated 1 year on Earth w/ Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream all over my face ... myself. I feel everyday can / could be Ice Cream Day, especially when you put cake or a brownie with it! Each year, there is...
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It's All Yummy with 5 Newbie Goodies paired w/ Gaga

I ran across some newbies in #TheJunkFoodAisle that will get their own #CheatDay . Check out my 5 Newbies picks that are out, or coming out soon, and paired w / Lady Gaga Fav Ear Candy! Sweet Combos of Yummy Fun w/ Goodies & Gaga! 1. I'm looking forward to finding these. If they are the right...
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