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The only drive-up wedding chapel in Texas opens in ATX

Elope in Austin opens the only drive-up wedding chapel in Texas! Say I do true Austin style.
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When Chelsea met Angus ...

When Chelsea met Angus seems to be going well. Showing Love for Bulldogs in Central Texas in need of a furever home. Rudy Roo Love Lick approved.
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Happy honeymoon moment Tortola BVI

Treasuring the Happy Moments especially now during 2020

Heather treasuring moments, especially now, that brought her to today's Happy 19th (+9) with honey Ted. Always cherish the Happy Us Days! They belong to you & your honey. Own it!
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Watch this! Bunnies bringing 2 neighbors together

Lawn bunnies brought 2 neighbors together. Breaking the bias through communication and learning about each other. The end result.. Loving over Judging.
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I'd Choose You!

He's 102! She's 98! They still got IT!

He's 102. She's 98! They've still got it. Happy Hearts prove it in the kitchen!
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Picture of widowed penguins goes viral and will warm your heart

We all could use a little love right now.
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Watch two filmmakers powerful footage of Austin during COVID-19

Two filmmakers capture the powerful footage of Austin during COVID-19 outbreak. ATX's reality now ...
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Couple Forehead Kiss

One Kiss on the Forehead is Better than many on the Lips

Experts say one Forehead Kiss is much more personal than many on the lips.8 Reasons to back this up. Do you agree?
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Valentines Day Dog

Dogs are Changing Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is changing when it comes to Pet Parents. More and more plan to spoil their furbabies, and show them the Love. A Love of a Dog is changing they way many look at Valentine's Day and beyond ... a family. Stats thanks to
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Bullmastiff Surprised

When you think all is Valentine's Day Ready ... Surprise!

Happy Valentine's Day Surprise when you think all is ready!
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