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It's All Good Green Gifts for the Mamas

Mom's Day is coming soon! Gift ideas that can keep all the Mamas Happy. Goin' Green Giving!
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7 Ways to Create a Big Old Pillow Win

The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing your pillow every 1- 2 years. Here are 7 ways to save them for another use that can be a Big Pillow Win! #1Thing
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Celebrate Earth Hour ... March 24th!

Saturday Night! March 24th! It’s Earth Hour! 8:30pm -9:30pm local time.. YOU TURN IT ALL OFF! Find out how Earth Hour got started, and how you can celebrate. Fun.. Romantic.. Chill.. there are many ways to enjoy Earth Hour while helping out Mama Earth Globally ! Click here! Video of Official Earth...
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Could there be a Real World GEOSTORM?

honey Ted & I watched 'GEOSTORM ' starring Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Wu, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris.... Gerard Bulter's character is Jake, a scientist who is the head of a satellite program that helps control and stop Mama Nature's huge storms and...
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Have a Happy Eco-Yummy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving time is coming… Thursday, November 23rd! You could make it extra special doing #1THING to make your Thanksgiving more Eco-Yummy Friendly . Plan your dinner with local and organic foods . It's a 1THING that's A Big Thing for ATX & Mama Earth! Find more Tips here … Have a Happy, Safe...
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October 1Thing is featuring the Surfrider Foundation

Entercom’s #1Thing featured organization for October is the Surfrider Foundation . They are dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Click here for more! We can all do 1Thing for Mama Eart h to make her a Cleaner,...
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Rags to Riches for Mama Earth

honey Ted, Huey and I are coming off a LONG MOVING WEEKEND . Now we're trying to get settled, and we discovered a lot of extra Thingies . We have donated a lot, and still have a lot. So we started thinking about 1Thing ways of recycling and reusing items. Remember every 1Thing makes a big...
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September 1Things

September is here! Here are some 1Things you could get into as we get closer to Fall. .. well sorta.. pretty soon the heat will die down and Fall will be here. You can try one of these to get ready. Click here!
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Save The Turtles

Save The Turtles is the featured #1Thing organization for the month of September. Helping the Sea Turtles is just a piece of the puzzle that makes the environment in which we all live a better place. If they were to become extinct it would cause harm to the eco-system. Find out more…
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Look Who Shows Mama Earth Big Love

Many Musicians we Love do # 1Thing to help Mama Earth. It’s Beautiful music all around. Click here to see who's on #TeamLoveMamaEarth w/ Bruno Mars!
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