McDonald's McRib Makes Its Comeback

This is not a drill! The McDonalds McRib sandwich is back! As of Monday, October 7th, the iconic pork sandwich will be available for a limited-time at more than 10,000 of the fast-food chain’s restaurants in red and blue states alike, according to USA Today. Fans of the 480-calorie boneless...
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It's Back! A BBQ sandwich LOVED by Many

McRib is back.. officially Monday, October 7th. McRib Lovers can use the McRib finder to get their McRib Grub on.
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The Unknown Blogger - McRib Returns?

The wait is over! The McDonald’s McRib returns starting Monday, Oct. 29, 2018. But wait! The mighty McRib is only coming to 9,000 select McDonald’s locations (there are nearly 14,000 locations in the U.S). Finding a McRib might be like finding a winning Willy Wonka golden ticket. What if you never...
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