Cheesy BBQ Cornbread Pizza HR

Quick'n easy feelin' Fall cheesy meals

Quick 'n easy cheesy meals with yummy newbies to try this Fall Y'all!
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School Lunches

Austin ISD is providing curbside & delivery Breakfast & Lunches.

Austin ISD Food Services is preparing curbside breakfasts & lunches for kids under the age of 19 and their caregivers / parents while school is out for precautions of the Coronavirus. Here's the who, what, when & where ...
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Pumpkin Pie Slice 775x515 gsk2013 Getty Images

Holiday Meal Bam! Fireball PumpkinPie, Mac and Cheese Turkey & more

Tired of the same 'ole traditional tasting / created holiday meal. You can put some Holiday Bam into it. Fireball Pumpkin Pie, Mac'n'Cheese Turkey and more yummy fun for your Holiday meals.
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Happy Waitstaff Day! How do you TIP in this situation?

Today is Waitstaff Day! When they take care of us, they need to be taken care of too. This makes Tipping very important, especially when it comes to their income. How much do you tip when it comes to Great Service? 20% still seems to be the standard of the pre-tax bill for Great Service. If you...
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Look Who We got a Selfie with Thanks to MOWCTX!

This is a Great way to kick off the week. Doing a selfie w/ Heloise and my co-buds Sam & Lyanca. Since it's Spring Break, many times Meals on Wheels is short folks who can deliver meals to those in need in the Central ATX area. Sam, Lyanca and I became sub-volunteers and had a great time doing...
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Would You Eat This?

I keep running into #RainbowSpaghetti , so I figured I'd see what's up! Spaghetti noodles colored and served up however you would like to eat them. It would put some colorful fun in your pasta night w/ your honey / family! Maybe some color added to a Valentine's Day Meall? Big Game colorful...
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Expanding the Food Horizon

honey Ted and I really have been expanding our 'Food Horizon' thanks to Blue Apron . Having fresh and top quality ingredients for 3 meals without having to measure anything and cooking directions w/ photos step-by-step makes it possible. We have tried foods and flavors we never would have tried if...
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Have you tried this Cooking technique?

honey Ted & I were making a Blue Apron recipe together at home , and realized we didn't have a sandwich press. No worries! Blue Apron had a solution. We learned a new cooking technique making Oaxaca Cheese & Plantain Tortas. It was also a first time trying this type of cheese and plantains...
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It's Arriving Tuesday!

Excited for Tuesday! That's when honey Ted & I will get another Blue Apron box filled w/ delicious , fresh and top quality ingredients to create more #YummyGoodTimes meals together. #DateNights at home in the kitchen cooking up Blue Apron meals. Trying meals we wouldn't normally make w/...
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A Date Night Fav!

honey Ted & I discovered a new Fav during our Date Night w/ Blue Apron.... 3 Free meals with shipping included is up for grabs here: You can discover lots of yummy favs....
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