Mom's Day

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It's All Good Green Gifts for the Mamas

Mom's Day is coming soon! Gift ideas that can keep all the Mamas Happy. Goin' Green Giving!
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Thingies to Do w/ Mama!

Update Friday 5/11: Happy Mama's Day Weekend! Last minute ideas & thingies to do below! It's hard to describe a Mama in 1 word, but the first one that came to my mind about my Mama Betty is 'FEISTY'! Of course she was Big time Supportive & Loving .... but those things were definitely...
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In Honor of National Butterscotch Brownie Day....

Today is #ButterscotchBrownieDay ... also called Blondie Brownies. I also learned they can go by the name Brookies (Brownie & Cookie) . I ran across this recipe which is perfect for today. With Mom's Day coming on Sunday, could fit in for a yummy Mom's weekend treat! a SALTED CARAMEL...
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