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Watch this! Bunnies bringing 2 neighbors together

Lawn bunnies brought 2 neighbors together. Breaking the bias through communication and learning about each other. The end result.. Loving over Judging.
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ATX S. Congress

Ways to Give Back to our Neighbors in Austin

Free Fun in Austin has ways to help the community of ATX within the comforts of Home.
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Do You Know Your Neighbor? Survey says ...

Today is #DoSomethingGoodForYourNeighborDay It sounds nice, but do you know your neighbors? honey Ted & I have lived in the same complex for over 12 years. We lived in a two bedroom for about 10 years, before we had to downsize a couple of years ago. We knew our neighbors. honey Ted is really...
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Bet You're Happy We Aren't Your Neighbors

#ThoseNeighbors Have a Happy & Safe Holiday Season! #HolidayCheers
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Neighborly Love Rocks!

Last night there was an envelope w/ honey Ted, Huey and my name on it waiting outside the front door. When we opened it, we found it was from our neighbors Cara & Richie. They were thanking us for the sweet baked goods we surprise them with and just being Nice neighbors. We feel the same about...
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