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A Must Watch / Re-Watch: Shanghai's Stunning New Year's Eve Drone Show

Watch / Rewatch Shanghai's Stunning New Year's Eve Drone Show!
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5 Top Green Appliances for Your Home

How Green are your home appliances? Here are 5 top Green appliances to look into for your home! Big #1Thing Win for 2020!
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Kickoff 2019 at Work & School more Eco-Friendly

A New Year is a perfect time to get your 1THING on! You can do something to help Mama Earth anywhere. Even the office. Here is a list Office & School Supplies that can kickoff 2019 in Eco-Style! Thanks to Eco Warrior Princess! Ethical & Eco-Friendly Office & School Supplies ‚ÄčNotely 2-...
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honey Ted, Huey & I are getting ready for a road trip up North to Omaha, NE to see family. Ringing in the new year.. if the Weather Channel is correct .. I just checked and it's dropped another degree to.. NEGATIVE 22 DEGREES.. WTF! I'm having problems packing for these BBBRRR COLD temps. I...
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Jane's Cinnamon Rolls are The Real Yummy Deal!

I'm a big Cinnamon Roll lover, but I don't usually have much success making them. I've been doing my holiday baking w/ Country Crock's New Buttery Sticks , and I've had several Baking Yummy Wins. I wasn't expecting this w/ these Cinnamon Rolls .I haven't found a recipe I have personally had much...
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Get Your Binge On! The COMPLETE List of Everything That Is About to Expire From Netflix

'Twas the night before Christmas break When you had just settled down to Netflix & chill Disappointment struck, when what you're wandering eyes should appear? But finding out your favorite show had long since expired... on Netflix Don't let it happen to you. Of course, with colder weather and...
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