Opening Soon! The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in the US!

Summer Vacation idea! Head to Gatlinburg, TN! You can conquer the long walk 140 feet in the air! The Skybridge is 680 feet across a valley in the Great Smoky Mountains. It opens to the public on Friday, May 17! It's in Skylift Park that has a chairlift that takes peeps up 500 vertical feet from...
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TXDot 's New campaign to Stop People from RUNNING across I-35

You would think commen sense would kick in when it comes to running across I-35, and say, 'No.. Do Not Do that!' . Unfortunately it's getting more common. In the past 4 years 21 pedestrians who tried to run across I-35 didn't make it. TxDOT says it's around 60% of all fatalities in Austin. This has...
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