There are 8 Types of Shoppers at the Grocery Store. Which are you?

In the spirit of Friday Eve, and getting ready for the weekend. Many of us will end up at the grocery store. I found this humorous... 8 Types of People shopping at a Grocery Store. Something to think about and watch out for this coming weekend! I'm more of an inspector out of these 8, but I'll use...
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It's Hot! Don't Leave Kids & Pets in the Car!

Hey y'all! With the long holiday weekend upon us, and the Hot Texas Summertime HEAT setting in, here's a reminder. DO NOT LEAVE KIDDOS , PETS.. ANYBODY OR ANYTHING LIVING IN A VEHICLE UNATTENDED... ESPECIALLY IN THE SUMMERTIME HEAT! Cracking the window when it's 98-100 degrees doesn't do much. Make...
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Who did People pick as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

People magazine picked their annual "Most Beautiful Woman in the World", and it was a very familiar face: Julia Roberts won for the FIFTH time! This is a pretty subjective list, but I feel like there have to be a couple more candidates at this point. No knock on Julia, but this contest includes the...
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