6 House Plants That You Can Use in the Kitchen

You don’t need to have a spacious outdoor garden in order to grow house plants that you can eat. Check out some of the most delicious indoor edible plants now!
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Do Not Plant Mystery Seeds sent in the Mail!

Mystery seeds labeled as jewelry from China are being mailed to folks around the US. Do not plant them. Report them.
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Woman Discovers the Plant She's Been Watering for 2 Years Is Fake

Caelie Wilkes took to Facebook recently to tell the story of a plant she loved and cared for for two years, only to find out that the plant was fake the whole time. See the details.
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Green Bunny Ears

Keepin' Easter Cute & Green w/ Bunny Succulents! So Adorbs! Must See!

Keepin Easter Cute & Green w/ Bunny Succulents! See what to plant this Spring for Easter!
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TAHDAH! It's Green Magic!

There is such a thing as 'Green Magic' when it comes to doing #1Thing for Mama Earth! Click here to see how the 'GREEN MAGIC' works! It's can also be #Yummy!
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Go Away Buggies!

Hey there... you could enjoy your backyard, BBQ and fun in the sun time this Spring / Summer from pestering Pests, Bugs... BUGGIES! Find out what to look for when it comes to Mosquito repellent plants . Some of them may help just by being planted near sitting areas, while others are most effective...
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