A Horse & a Rubber Chicken

A horse & a rubber chicken. Try not laughing ...
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Rudy wants to play w/ Ollie at the Big Dog Park

Rudy wants to play with Ollie at the Big Dog Park in SW ATX!
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Rudy's Favorite Red Ball

Rudy's Patio Playtime Battle

Weekday mornings Rudy & I start them w/ a walk to get his business done, and then we take it to the patio for some early morning playtime. Being a 5 1/2 month old puppy, Rudy gets easily distracted, especially with things he should NOT be playing with. This morning Rudy has a passion for my...
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Is Rudy's new way to cool off a Trick or Treat?

Over the weekend, Rudy discovered a new way to cool off and play. My girl Patti had suggested using ice to help stop #lilJaws from biting hard w/ those razor sharp puppy teeth while playing. It almost seems like a trick in the end, but definitely a treat watching him. Encore playing performances...
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