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Help Save the Ocean! Make Plastic-Free Choices

A campaign has been launched to help stop the plastic waste crisis and save the Ocean. #PlasticFreeChoices #Oceana #1Thing
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Exercising Outdoors? Study Finds Air Pollution Is Linked to Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic has closed down gyms, many Americans have taken to the great outdoors to get their exercise, but is it safe? One study found that air pollution is linked to coronavirus. Read more now.
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The Most Littered Item WorldWide

Plastic straws and bags create a huge amount of pollution, which is causing many areas to ban their sales and use. But there's another Butt that is the largest form of litter worldwide ... Cigarette Butts ! It doesn't seem like much, just a little part of the cigarette. But these little parts .....
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Stop Plastic Pollution!

Earth Day 2018 happens on Sunday, April 22nd . The Earth Day Network is centering on Plastic Pollution and the need to stop using plastic to save Mama Earth from being destroyed and engulfed in nothing but plastic. According to the Earth Day Network, Plastic Pollution is poisoning and injuring...
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Get to Know Pure Earth

The photo above is an example of what our Pollution is doing to Mama Nature's Beauty. In many communities around the World, Pollution is taking over and risking lives.. especially the lives of children. Getting to know Pure Earth & what they do to help Mama Earth and those living on her (that...
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Stop Plastic Pollution

Our Oceans & Waterways are getting clogged up and dirty w/ plastic , trash & more. Today kicks off the 30 Day Plastic Challenge . Cutting down / out plastic use will help our waters Big TIme! Click here for an easy #1Thing
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