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Have you heard of Swimply?

Swimply allows you to have chill time in a private pool where you live. You can rent it by the hour just for you.
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How to Keep Your Kids Safe at the Beach, Pool and Playground This Summer

As states continue to reopen, many are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases. With anxiety levels already high, parents now must contend with the challenge of keeping their kids safe as they head to pools, playgrounds and the beach.
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Large Floating Flamingo

Big Floating Flamingo's Competition this Summer!

The large floating Flamingo has some competition this Summer when it comes to floating fun w/ friends. Looking more Lake friendly than Pool.
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What would you do?

You're at your community pool and you see a woman catching some rays w/ her little furbaby inside the pool area.There are signs on the gates, and a few inside the pool that says #NoPetsAllowed inside of the pool area. An area that is also connected to the main office that is open. Also the furbaby...
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What would you do if you found this SURPRISE in your pool?

A family, who rented a home in Miami for vacation, discovered this when they went to the pool. SURPRISE! Not something you see usually EVER!
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Sean Mack's ATX Adventures: Free Austin rooftop pools!

It's about that time of year...when it's almost too hot to do anything outside for an extended period of time. Everything except cool off with a swim, of course. Now everyone knows about Barton Springs or Lake Travis, but did you know that some of Austin's hotels offer pool access to locals? Some...
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How clean is your neighborhood pool?

Do you want to know what you may be jumping into this summer? If you answered yes, then this could help finding out the answer to .. 'How clean is my neighborhood pool?' CLICK HERE ! This should come in handy on finding where to cool off this Summer! CLICK HERE ! What's the most unusual/ worst...
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