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Unexpected things that can be compost

Get rid of more than just kitchen scraps when it comes to composting. Here are 7 things that may surprise you that can be composted. #1Thing
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Help Save the Ocean! Make Plastic-Free Choices

A campaign has been launched to help stop the plastic waste crisis and save the Ocean. #PlasticFreeChoices #Oceana #1Thing
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Recycle Your Tree

Don't Toss Your Tree! Recycle It! This Weekend!

When you're done w/ your Christmas Tree ... Don't Toss it! Give your Tree another Life by Recycling it! Austin Resource Recovery makes it easy for you!
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High School Senior made Earbuds from Recycled Plastic

High School Senior makes earbuds out of recycled plastic. Affordable too!
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Don't Toss Your Tree! Recycle It!

Don’t throw away your Christmas tree! Give it another life by recycling It! There's curbside recycling pick up for the city of Austin curbside customers. If you don't have curbside service, you can still recycle your tree by dropping them off at Zilker Park.Trees collected during this time will be...
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Where to Recycle just about Anything

Do you have times when you want to recycle an item, but you have no clue what to do with it. Can you recycle it? Where do you go? Is there somewhere you can send it? Earth911 has Recycling Solutions with one of the most extensive recycling databases for North America. Over 350 materials w/ over 100...
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Celebrate Mama Earth at Work

Happy Earth Month! One of the Best things that can be done for Mama Earth is recycling. Our Friends at Texas Disposal Systems, who are celebrating 40 years of keeping Central Texas Green Clean , have great tips to try at work. Recycling needs to be happening everywhere.. Home, Work & Play! If...
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Breakin' the 'TRASH' down in ATX

Thanks to Texas Disposal Systems , Recycling is way easier to do! It's #1THING to do during #EarthMonth and beyond!
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Battery and Bulb Disposal Tip

honey Ted & I ran across a drop off for batteries & bulbs in South Austin, and has locations all over the ATX area. It’s 1Thing you could do. "What to do with... " Find out what and where you can drop off items to help keep Mama Earth cleaner and a safe place for all of us to live.m Click...
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Quit These Plastic Bits

I didn't realize just how dangerous plastics are to the environment and to us until I checked facts I received via email. I try to reuse as much as I can, but many times this isn't enough when it comes to plastics. This is where this list comes in handy. 8 Plastic Bits You can Quit right now. Great...
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