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Don't toss your mask! Plant it! Reuse it!

Wearing a kinder #ecofriendly mask can help save lives while saving the planet. #PlantYourMask #ReuseYourMask #1Thing #COVID19
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Reuse & Recycle Board Games

Reuse and recycle old board games. DIY #FamilyFun #1Thing
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7 Things You Can Reuse for a Functional Home Space

7 Things that can be #reused & #repurposed to create a more functional living space, rather than trashing. #1Thing
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7 Ways to Create a Big Old Pillow Win

The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing your pillow every 1- 2 years. Here are 7 ways to save them for another use that can be a Big Pillow Win! #1Thing
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Make Every Day Earth Day by Reusing, Reducing & Recycling

Happy Earth Day! A Great 1THING to do with items you’re trying to get rid of to celebrate the day is to Reuse, Reduce & Recycle . Keep it up making Everyday Earth Day! This will truly help the Environment in which we all live. Rather than tossing something right away, see if you can Reuse it...
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Easy Ways to Reduce Family Plastic Waste

Each year there's about 8.8 Million tons of plastic trash that ends up in the ocean. This Plastic waste is causing problems w/ the eco-system endangering wildlife, polluting the water and causing a big health risk for all who live on Earth. Doing 1THING as a family to help the environment fight...
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Rags to Riches for Mama Earth

honey Ted, Huey and I are coming off a LONG MOVING WEEKEND . Now we're trying to get settled, and we discovered a lot of extra Thingies . We have donated a lot, and still have a lot. So we started thinking about 1Thing ways of recycling and reusing items. Remember every 1Thing makes a big...
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Yes You Can!

You run across items you ' Can't Recycle' . Here are other options that will be helpful to Mama Earth and take that Can't & turn it into a 'Can Do #1Thing '! Click here!
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Keep This Up ATX!

It's important to recylce, reuse and reduce the amount of waste we produce each day. If we all did 1Thing, it would definitely help. Here are some suggestions when it comes to recycling. Very easy to do, and it helps the ATX area / Mama Earth Greatly! Click here.
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Bring the 3Rs into 2017!

Bring the 3 Rs into the New Year will help Mama Earth & Keep ATX Beautiful! Fabulous #1Thing. Click here!
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