How much does the Tooth Fairy leave for teeth in your home?

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Rudy & Heather chillin' in the car waiting for honey Ted w/ a Surprise!

Rudy's getting ready for his 1st Road Trip w/ a Big Boy Travel Bag

honey Ted & I will be taking our 1st Road trip this coming weekend w/ Rudy. He's grown so much in the past almost 2 months, he outgrew his 1st travel bag. Over the weekend, we all went to get a Big Boy Travel bag. When honey Ted came back w/ the Surprise for Rudy's 1st Road Trip, he wasn't very...
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Do you see what Rudy's Growling about?

Our puppy Rudy ( 6 /12 months) has started something new the past few evenings when we're watching tv. He'll start growling at something. At first I thought it was on the tv, but last night he wasn't looking anywhere near the tv. honey Ted didn't know either. He was growling even longer last night...
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Here's the Reason for Rudy's Pouty Face

This past weekend honey Ted & I took our 6-month-old furbaby Rudy Big Boy Harness Shopping . Rudy has been in our family for one month and a few days. In the time we've had Rudy, he's grown from 4lbs to 10lbs and almost doubled in length. Rudy's Harness Issues: Rudy's not a fan of the harness...
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Does it Freak You Out when your furbaby does this?

I learned something new about my 6-month-old puppy Rudy this weekend. He does this often when he's sleeping. I thought he was awake, so I was talking to him. I started to feel uncomfortable when he was just staring weirdly at me like this. honey Ted said 'He's sleeping w/ his eyes open. It's Freaky...
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A Cone Free Solution created by honey Ted

A Cone Free Solution for Rudy

It's been a long 9 days, since Rudy got his surgery procedures and came home w/ The Cone. After dealing almost a week of High Anxiety and Big Time Aggression, we needed to get The Cone off Rudy. The problem was Rudy is 6 months old, so trying to keep him calm and not run, jump and play that's...
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Sports Tape Saves the Day

See how Cone Free makes for a Sweeter Rudy

Today is Day 7 since Rudy had his surgery (neutering) which also included fixing a herniated belly button. Well of course the belly button is going to be difficult, and even more so when Sweet Rudy becomes Wild Rudy... lots more aggression & anxiety to the point where healing is slowing down...
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Rudy's Cone Conundrum: Sweet Rudy vs Wild Rudy!

honey Ted & I are at a loss of what is happening w/ our Sweet Rudy ever since The Cone . Yes, he had #PurePuppyPower, but this has been kicked up BIG TIME since he had his surgical procedures last Wednesday. Today it's Day 6 w/ THE CONE! The Cone is necessary so he doesn't mess w/ the areas...
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Big Time Tissue Alert when watching this movie!

honey Ted & I had a recent Movie Date Night at home watching Five Feet Apart. I had seen some commercials about it, but never heard a lot about it once it got in theaters in March. When it came time to pick more Netflix movies to watch ... Five Feet Apart got in the mix. honey Ted & I were...
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Rudy wanted to share this Important Rescue Message!

honey Ted & I adopted Rudy at Austin Pets Alive! a little over a month ago. Many times Rescue Furbabies have issues you may not even think about, until you are confronted w/ them. You're thinking why would they do this ... ??? They know better??? They just did it right a bit ago ... why...
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