Scooter Braun

Did Taylor Swift shade Scooter Braun at her Amazon Prime concert?

Taylor Swift had her first post-Scooter Braun controversy concert last night. While she didn't mention new archnemesis Scooter Braun by name, some of her fans think this part of "Shake It Off" had a little extra emphasis...perhaps as a little shade to Scooter. What do you think? -- | Taylor yelling...
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Scooter Braun (left) and Justin Bieber

Manager Scooter Braun Teases 2019 Is the Year of Justin Bieber’s Comeback

After recent reports that the singer has been hard at work on a heavily faith-inspired album, further news that Justin Bieber is readying to release his long-awaited follow-up to 'Purpose' is coming from a very reliable source.
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