Snack Game

Tweaked Up! Slutty Cheesecake Bars

Updated 2/4/19 : honey Ted and I got our Slutty Cheesecake Bars on this weekend. Tweaked the recipe just a touch, and it was so YUMMY! Chocolate Chip Cookie crust, Oreos, Cheesecake .. it's a whole lot of Yummy Wrong, but tasty so Yummy Right! Scroll down & see the tweaks we did. Experiment w/...
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Try this Football Snack Hack for the Big Game!

Sunday's Big Game kick's off at 5:30pm on CBS. As important as the game is to Patriots & Rams fans, the other important game is the SNACKING GAME! Yummy snacks are important to munch on while watching the commercials (30 seconds costing around $5 Million ) & halftime show too.This gets...
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