Southwest Austin

Rudy vs The Vacuum Cleaner!

#PurePuppyPowe r continues w/ Rudy & his introduction to the vacuum. Win, Loss or Draw ... what do you think? d
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What would you do w/ this?

Beginning of each year, honey Ted and I get a few things to spruce up the home. While looking for a kitchen rug, we ran across these shopping at the Home Goods store in Sunset Valley. Where would you put something like this? honey Ted's idea got me thinking about the Wild Life we hear close to our...
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Scary Late Night Sounds & More in SW ATX

I'm wondering if you are hearing Scary Sounds like these before you go to bed? You'll hear them starting around :10 mark in the video. Crank up your speakers.There have been several late nights in SW ATX that honey Ted & I have heard, these Scary Sounds out of the dark from our back patio. We'...
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