squirrel eating


The things we find exciting while working from home...
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Does your furbaby have lots of SLMs when you take them out?

Rudy's day starts w/ me taking him out to get his biz done. During the 1st week, I learned I need to plan ahead and have extra time available if Rudy throws in a bunch of Squirrel Like Moments. His attention goes away from getting his biz done, because he wants to see or do something else. Rudy's...
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Squirrel eats an eggroll in a tree, becomes a legend

2019 is here. Many of us have a New Year's resolution to eat better. Not all of us have been good at this so far. Take this squirrel in a tree in New York City, for example. Doesn’t look like this squirrels first egg roll #whatisnewyork pic.twitter.com/Heo30oe8w3 — WhatIsNewYork (@whatisny) January...
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