Need Stitches? Here's how YOU could avoid a trip to the hospital

If you're in need of stitches, what if you could avoid going to the hospital / doctor to get them. Would you give ZIPSTITCH a try? It's a FDA cleared surgerical quality closure device. Supposedly easy to do, and leaves way less scarring than traditional stitches. See if it's something you'd be into...
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July 26, 2017; Miami, FL, USA; Recording artist Shawn Mendes performs at the American Airlines Arena.

A Record Breaking Year For Shawn Mendes: Most Teenage No. 1 Adult Pop Songs

Shawn Mendes has just managed to break one more record before leaving his teenage years behind.
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LISTEN: Shawn Mendes Releases "There's Nothing Holding Me Back"

Shawn Mendes just dropped one of 2017's most catchy songs so far. The Canadian heartthrob's new single is titled "There's Nothing Holding Me Back." This song already sounds like it is perfect for the clubs, and it may be an early candidate to be the 2017 "song of the summer." The track is part of...
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