A Lady gets video while a TORNADO HITS her home!

WTHeck! This freaks me out! This video has been making the rounds. A woman is getting video of the storm outside of her home, and the storm brings a tornado her way ... See what she does, and don't do it! She's a Lucky Lady ...
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Super Cell forming wedding photos are Blowin' Up on Social Media

Photo above is a more typical cloudy sky wedding photo . Here's the EXTREME of that thanks this couple ... Morgan + Manuel Monteiro wedding photos are Blowin' Up on social media for their commitment to sticking to getting 'The Shot'. Rain may be LUCKY on your wedding day, but what about a huge...
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What's Your Favorite Rainy / Stormy Day Song?

Rainy, Stormy Day in ATX! Traffic sucks! This weather can make you feel.. YUCKY! So let's focus on something that makes us HAPPY .. at least Happier. Favorite song to listen too when it's one of these days ... Adele popped in my head this morning. Recent news about Adele's split w/ her hubby Simon...
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