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Sweet Tooth Summer Treats Alert!

5 yummy sweet summer treats to curb the inner kiddo's sweet tooth. Plus a bonus and honorary treat hits.
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Chocolate Cake

Gettin' Your Dessert On in ATX & Beyond

Gettin' Your Dessert on w/ someone special or a single dessert party. It's all yummy good thanks to DO 512 ATX Sweet Treats Picks! A Heather road trip sweet bonus included.
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Could you eat Fudge with 'this' in it?

That time of year is approaching w/ the holidays coming soon. Thanksgiving is almost 2 weeks away. It's time to get holiday goodie recipes together. Holiday Fugde is another favorite for many during the holidays. Mama Betty could make a mean chocolate fudge that you could eat until your tummy hurt...
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Where to find Yummy Chocolate Eclairs in ATX

Happy #ChocolateEclairDay . My mouth is watering from the photo above. I want one now. Click here for some suggestions where to grab a yummy one in ATX! I'm a big fan of Voodoo Doughnuts Chocolate like Eclairs! #YUMMY!
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The Best Taffy is....

Happy Taffy Day!!!!
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Perfect Pairing Combo for today! TGIF!

Since today / Friday (4/7/17) is a celebration of Coffee Cake & Beer, there's not reason these two yummies couldn't be combined! In fact, I have baked several coffee cakes and substituted the liquids for beer. If you want a darker coffee cake, then use dark brown sugar and a dark beer. If you...
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Big Trending Treat of 2017: Edible Cookie Dough

I've been seeing 'Edible Cookie Dough' references popping up all over social media. How to make it? Where to get it? Why you can eat it. I ran across Edoughble that takes the Edible Cookie Dough to another level by using organic flour, and no preservatives in their ingredients. They even have Vegan...
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A Holiday Sweet Treat Thingie

honey Ted and I spent some kitchen time together making a holiday sweet treat that was Big Time inspired by Pecan Pralines. Note to us, we really need to get a double boiler or bigger sauce pan. It would make for easier & cleaner boiling time. But we made do, and they turned out #Yummy! They...
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The Sweet Side of Pokémon Go in ATX!

It's crazy how Pokémon Go has become so HUGE in such a short time. I have seen many cases where peeps are running into, tripping on/ over and falling in/down type stories that end up in injuries and accidents. Please becareful while you play. Becareful of places you are taken too also. Not all...
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