The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls Flamingo shot

The Golden Girls have a drinking game w/ shot glasses!

Big Kid Game Night at Home fun can be had w/ The Golden Girls shot glasses with drinking game.
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Betty White Says She Had ‘Great Fun’ Shooting ‘The Golden Girls’

Betty White made a rare statement to honor “Golden Girls Day” which happens to be on July 30. The award-winning actress shared that she had ‘great fun’ while shooting ‘The Golden Girls.’
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Golden Girls Bobble Figurines HR photo

The Golden Girls TV Home is For Sale! See the True Interior

The first time in 65 years the true interior of the Golden Girls TV Home can be seen by the public. It's for sale by the original owner.
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3 Real-Life ‘Golden Girls’ Move in Together Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

A trio of elderly ladies are taking after “The Golden Girls” to endure the coronavirus pandemic. The three friends from the UK are all in their 70s and have moved in together in a bid to quarantine themselves.
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New 'Golden Girls' Book Is the Perfect Gift for Your Best Friend

The “Golden Girls” theme song, “Thank You for Being a Friend” is the perfect song to play for your favorite bestie when you’re feeling the love. Now, you can give them the song in book form. See the details.
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‘Golden Girls’-Themed Cruise to Set Sail Next Year

Grab a house dress and your pocketbook because it’s time to hit the high seas with the “Golden Girls.” Fans of the iconic ‘80s series will be able to sail off into the sunset on a five-night cruise inspired by everyone’s favorite elder roommates, Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nylund, Blanche Devereaux and...
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Jennifer Lopez and 'Golden Girls' Meme Shows How 50 Has Changed in the Last 35 Years

Jennifer Lopez is a modern-day “Golden Girl.” The pop-artist brought her A-game with a Latin-tinged, sexy Super Bowl halftime show that spanned decades of singles and career milestones. In addition to singing and dancing, Jlo even showed off some of the pole dancing moves she picked up while...
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