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5 safety tips for a Summer Trip. Plus upscale hotel rooms w/ a Big Fail!

If you have family travel plans outside of Austin, remember these tips during your trip.
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Easy Eco-friendly Things to do while Staying Home

Try these easy #Ecofriendly things that will protect your family, home and planet while you're #StayingHome. Saving lives preventing the spread of #COVID19. #1Thing #socialdistancing #wearyourmask #stayconnectedtogether
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Livin' the Green Life with Pets

More & more pet parents are learning and becoming more eco-friendly in livin' the Green life. Doing 1Thing with your pet each day will help their overall health and happiness as well as helping the environment. Find lots of #LivintheGreenLife pet 1Things thanks to #Rover in honor of #EarthDay50...
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MInd Full Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you stuck at home with a full mind.

Being stuck at home during the due to the COVID-19 outbreak can affect your health, which includes your mental health. Taking care of all health is important at this time. Being mindful is important when having a mind full.
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8 Ways to Make Laundry Time Greener

Easy #1Thing Tips for #LaundryTime to save money, clothing and the planet. Doing more #1THINGs now, will help when post #COVID19 happens. #PositiveThinking #Soon #TakeCare
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People Are Tipping Delivery Drivers Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer

People across the United States are now tipping their delivery drivers toilet paper and hand sanitizer. A video on TikTok shows the kind gesture.
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4 Coronavirus Money Saving Tips

Money Saving tips from WalletHub that toilet paper won't solve during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
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Thingies We Forget We Need for the BBBRRR COLD

Thingies We forget We need for the BBBRRRCold. Got a taste of Winter that's not official until December 21st!
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Rudy's Downward Dog Position Tip

Rudy shares helpful tip for furbaby parents, that could be helpful when spending time w/ their furbabies. Taking tips too!
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ERCOT asking us to conserve Energy during the intense Heat

High heat and record-breaking demand has ERCOT requesting Central Texans to conservation Energy Thursday 9/5 & Friday 9/6 especially during the hours of 2p-7p
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