Texas is the Place to Be!

The Census Burea released new 411 on city population growth across that nation. There's a Whole Lotta Love for Texas. Georgetown came in at #5 in the listing of the top 5 fastest-growing cities in the nation .. population rose by 5.5% The fastest-growing city in the country is Conroe, in the...
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A Book Inspired by ATX Traffic is Out

Tex MoPac has released a book of poetry / short stories all inspired by ATX's fellow commuters. It's called 'Traffick Wocky' , and available here. Many say Tex looks like Scott Jarrett, an English teacher at St. Andrews Episcopal School. Who knew getting stuck in Sucky ATX traffic could be a good...
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Surviving Back to School Traffic

What took me a 12-20 minute drive to work this summer, has gone up to 30-45 minutes in just 2 days because of the 'Back to School Traffic'. There will be a day here and there during a week, where you wonder if everyone called in sick? Is it a holiday nobody told you about, because you made it to...
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