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Edible Pumpkin Cookie Dough & more!

Edible Pumpkin cookie dough and others for yummy no bake Fall treats. Make & Eat!
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22 Worst Halloween Candies. Tricks or Treats?

Thrillist put out a list of 22 of the Worst Halloween Candies. Did any of your favorites make the list?
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Yummy Summer Fun Treats to make w/ the Kiddos

Kick off Summer in yummy style! Recipes to make with the kiddos of all ages. Enjoy!
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Sweet Tooth Summer Treats Alert!

5 yummy sweet summer treats to curb the inner kiddo's sweet tooth. Plus a bonus and honorary treat hits.
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Gettin' Your Dessert On in ATX & Beyond

Gettin' Your Dessert on w/ someone special or a single dessert party. It's all yummy good thanks to DO 512 ATX Sweet Treats Picks! A Heather road trip sweet bonus included.
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Newbie Thingies

5 Newbie Thingies For You

5 Newbie Thingies for you from Best Products! Valentine's Day in mind ...
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Get ready to kickoff Fall Soon w/ Fall Flavored Treats

Fall officially starts on Monday, September 23. These Fall flavored foods, that are Pumpkin Spice heavy, can get peeps in the Fall Mood.
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How much does the Tooth Fairy leave for teeth in your home?

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Cousin Weenie Surprises Rudy

It's been almost 3 weeks since honey Ted & I adopted Rudy at Austin Pets Alive! He's fitting in #PurePuppyPower style. Plays Hard! Crashes Hard! Cousin Weenie, in Omaha, NE sent Rudy a 'Welcome to the Family Surprise'! When Rudy got the box last night, he was really excited to see what was in...
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Ice Cream Cones for Breakfast can be a Thingie

A few months ago there was a buzz about Ice Cream Cones coming in Breakfast Food Form this Summer. The buzz has gotten louder since General Mills released Drumsticks Cereal in Classic Vanilla & Mint Chip flavors. They are popping up in stores. Lots of sightings at Walmarts across the country...
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