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Golden Girls Bobble Figurines HR photo

The Golden Girls TV Home is For Sale! See the True Interior

The first time in 65 years the true interior of the Golden Girls TV Home can be seen by the public. It's for sale by the original owner.
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Did you know Liam Payne could do this? and WIN!

Last night was the 1st time I watched 'Drop the Mic' w/ honey Ted and Huey. A show on TBS, hosted by Method Man and Hailey Baldwin, where celebs have a rap battle. Last night I caught Liam Payne (One Direction / solo artist hottie) take on Jason Derulo. Watch Liam throw it down on Jason... I found...
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WATCH: Jeopardy! Champion Austin Rogers Is Everyone's New Favorite

Sorry, Ken Jennings , we have a new favorite Jeopardy! contestant. Have you been tuning into Jeopardy! each night to watch this returning champion? Austin Rogers, the reigning 11-day champion of the syndicated TV program who has won $394,700 so far, has quickly won over the hearts of millions of...
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