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Vegan-friendly Halloween Candies to Get Your Treat On!

Vegan friendly Halloween candies to get your Halloween treat on. Yummy #1Thing.
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Making Summer Scrumptious with these Vegan Recipes

Make it a #Summer of #YummyFun with these #Vegan recipes for mains, sides, snacks and desserts. It's all covered! #1Thing
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A New Social Media Trend has Invaded the Growing Vegan Scene

A Vegan diet has become more popular and continues to grow. With growth comes trends. A new Social Media Trend that's Invading the Vegan scene ... Vegan Hunting Photos!
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10 Tips to Adopting a Vegan Lifestyle (by Celebrity Example)

The term ‘vegan ’ came from Donald Watson in 1944. He founded the ‘Vegan Society’ . Moving forward w/ the plant-based diet trend that has increased BIG TIME. In the US alone there has been a 600% increase in the last 3 years of people calling themselves Vegan / living a Vegan lifestyle. There are 3...
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30 Delicious Dishes Gone Vegan for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it . Here's a twist to the Turkey Day DInner you could try this year. Here are 30 recipes of many of the classics Vegan Style! The word is just as delicious, and keeps w/ the tradition of the Thanksgiving Feast, while making it a yummy. A yummy 1THING all...
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Mayim Bialik's 5 WORST Things to Say to a Vegan

Mayim Bialik / Amy- Big Bang Theory / Blossom hits it out of the park when it comes to confronting the stereo types of eating a Vegan diet. Check out the # 5 worst things you can say to a Vegan, and how to respect each other's eating choices. Mayim might even get you to try eating Vegan. Mayim is...
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Would You Eat Aquafaba?

Would you eat AquaFaba ? What is AquaFaba ? Aquafaba is the liquid left over from cooking chickpeas. The liquid many pour out after taking the chickpeas out. This liquid gets whipped up, and can replace egg whites in some recipes. It can foam up just like meringue. Aquafaba is becoming quite the...
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First ATX Scoop Shop for NadaMoo Opens Today!

This week is National Meat Free Week (6/11- 6/17). Makes it the perfect time for an Austin based popular Vegan Ice Cream brand to open, today / Friday (6/15), it's first scoop shop in ATX! NadaMoo took over the space on S. Lamar that used to be Venezia Italian Gelato earlier this year. NadaMoo's...
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Set Traditional organic vegan ingredient Super Food in Middle East and Asian cooking cereals

Take Steps Toward Green Living with These Easy Recipes

These delicious recipes make it super easy to incorporate vegan options into your wedding!
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