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A New Social Media Trend has Invaded the Growing Vegan Scene

A Vegan diet has become more popular and continues to grow. With growth comes trends. A new Social Media Trend that's Invading the Vegan scene ... Vegan Hunting Photos!
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Corn vs Cake! Which do you prefer?

Happy #CornontheCobDay & #GermanChocolateCakeDay ! Got the Corn vs Cake battle today. Which do you prefer? Get the grill out & add some bacon and you could have this. Thanks to my cousin Sheryl for the recipe heads up! I'm going to have to try this German Chocolate Cake recipe soon! Looks...
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Edible Food Packaging is in the Works!

Plastic has become a Big Enemy of the Environment, since it's used in abundance, and appears in our oceans and landfills all over the world. We need to reduce our plastic use, especially single use plastic containers and wraps. Scientist Yanyum Zhao from Oregon State University is working w/ the...
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7 Reasons to Garden

Tis the season when Gardening becomes a pastime for many in ATX. But you may think , having a Green thumb, and growing your own fruits & veggies to enjoy seem like a unrealistic goal. Have no fear, the folks at the Sustainable Food Center is here for you! Click here!
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Happy World Vegan Month

The month of November is a celebration of all that is Veggies and meatless! A Vegan diet is 100% plant-based which means no eating animal flesh. You might not be able to go meatless 24/7, but one day a week would make a Big Difference. If everyone in the US ate no meat for one day a week, it would...
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