West of the Fest

Who do these belong too?

West of the Fest was Awesome! Big thanks to all the Mix Friends for coming out and having fun w/ Mix 94.7 ! There were w/ so many talented artists. Flora Cash , Swedish-American indie pop married duo, Shpresa Lleshaj & Cole Randall .They had such a cool vibe on stage, and so nice when I had a...
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Check out our video rewind of West of the Fest 2019 artist performances.

Dean Lewis -

Judah & the Lion

Mansionair -

March 15, 2019

Video Rewind

A Moment with WOTF 2019 artists X Ambassadors

Take the day off next Friday, March 15th off! At least a 1/2 Day! WOTF 2019 is happening at Bufords again this year! It's FREE to get in! 21 & up! The line up is Awesome! It includes X Ambassadors , who will be Awesome! honey Ted & I had a date night last year at their show at Stubbs. It...
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West of the Fest 2019 Mix 94.7

West of the Fest 2019

Seven awesome artists. Four short hours. If you missed this year's West of the Fest or just want to relive it all, check out the rewind videos and photo gallery . To everyone who came out and to our sponsors, Thank You. See you next year! West of the Fest 2019 Artists: X Ambassadors Dean Lewis...
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A WOTF Artist is the Top Grossing Touring Artist in 2018!

I can't believe it's been over 6 years since I met Ed Sheeran . A cute & talented redheaded musician who walked up by himself in the Key Bar on West 6th Street. Well before the time he was playing at the Mix 94.7 West of the Fest 2012. He chatted w/ honey Ted & I for a bit, and was really...
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Celebrating 25 Years This Spring

Update Thursday 3/16/17: I found a photo I took w/ Hanson in the Mix Lounge 2013. #TBT Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow www.westofthefest.com . Come play Hookey from work w/ me! #WOTF2017 group Hanson will celebrate 25 years together. They will be kicking off a 25th Anniversary Tour in May...
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10 Thingies about WOTF Artist LOLO

It's West of the Fest time on Friday at the Steampunk Saloon on W. 6th St. The lineup is Awesome w/ Hanson, Aaron Carter, For King and Country, and it also includes the beautiful and talented LOLO . She's kicking off the 7th Annual #WOTF2017 music showcase at 12:30 pm. 10 Thingies to Get to Know...
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west of the fest new act

Did you see the latest addition to West of the Fest?

West of the Fest is right around the corner...and the acts just keep on coming! In case you missed it this morning-Booker, Alex and Sara announced our latest addition to the lineup...Hanson! I'm excited to see Hanson...I haven't been in the same room as them in almost 20 years. The first(and only)...
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Does this make you an even bigger Ed fan?

What would you do if Ed sold you his new album - Divide? It definitely would make me an even bigger fan, which I have become just watching this video... Video of Ed Sheeran selling CDs in music shop & quits singing | Divide is OUT! My photo w/ Ed was taken at the Mix 94.7 West of the Fest...
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