West of the Fest 2019

Who needs a "Doctor's" note for West of the Fest?

West of the Fest is Friday! It's an all-day party, with doors opening at 11 and the show kicking off around Noon. However, sometimes the real world likes to interfere with a good time. You might have to work tomorrow. How do you get out of that? We are here to help! Here's a note you can print out...
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5 Thingies about Brynn Elliott on International Women's Day

I was excited to see that Brynn Elliott is part of the lineup for West of the Fest 2019 at Buford's this year. She did a lounge towards the end of summer last year. I snuck out of the Mix studio to catch some of her live performance for some Mix Friends w/ Bennies. Brynn's beauty & talent...
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