Ralf Liebhold

It's that time! Shakin' what our mamas gave us!

heather, honey Ted and Rudy Roo celebrated the day shakin' what their mamas gave them. #DanceLikeaChickenDay!
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Selena Gomez big donation Cedars Sinai Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Workout from Home w/ Selena Gomez's Trainer

Feel the Hot Pilates burn w/ Selena Gomez trainer while you're at home.
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Here's a Way Pink & Alicia Keys Stay in Shape

I'm getting into these PopSugar type workouts on YouTube at home. Yesterday, I ran across one with Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins . Her celebrity list includes Alicia Keys & P!nk! After attempting the workout, and feeling it this morning, I can see why these ladies are so fit. Don't hurt...
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Heather's Vacation Burn .. is NOT a Sunburn!

Back from VK w/ honey Ted. We started in Omaha, NE visiting family. Then we took a long weekend for our first time at Galveston Beach (celebrating our 17th Anniversary 6/30). It was Hot, Windy & Fun! I'm also still feeling the BURN ... and it's NOT a Sunburn. I thought I'd try a new quickie...
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Vacation Workout We All Can Do w/ Funnel Cakes

I'm getting ready to go on a road trip to w/ honey Ted to see family, and celebrate our 17th Wedding Anniversary s oon. I happen to notice this headline " Doctor Says Exercising On Vacation Gives Your Body A More Effective Workout" . A beach getaway was mentioned. Going for a run on the beach is...
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Try the Bubble Wrap Workout!

I added this to my workout this morning, and it made it so much more Fun! Great stress reliever for an M-day workday too! Pop some! Enjoy! Happy #BubbleWrapDay
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Feeling the BURN

Yesterday morning, I ran across a workout on Youtube that stars such as Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough & Reese WItherspoon do w/ Simone De La Rue. It's only 20 minutes, I figured sure give it a try. I was doing the easier / modified version exercises. I'm going to have to work up to Taylor Swift...
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