WOTF 2019

Who do these belong too?

West of the Fest was Awesome! Big thanks to all the Mix Friends for coming out and having fun w/ Mix 94.7 ! There were w/ so many talented artists. Flora Cash , Swedish-American indie pop married duo, Shpresa Lleshaj & Cole Randall .They had such a cool vibe on stage, and so nice when I had a...
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A Moment with WOTF 2019 artists X Ambassadors

Take the day off next Friday, March 15th off! At least a 1/2 Day! WOTF 2019 is happening at Bufords again this year! It's FREE to get in! 21 & up! The line up is Awesome! It includes X Ambassadors , who will be Awesome! honey Ted & I had a date night last year at their show at Stubbs. It...
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